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Pitching Mounds/Bullpens

We design and build our own high quality pitching mounds and we offer 3 types for youth to adult pitchers: 


  1. Dirt mound using the same red clay found on high school baseball fields and surrounded by a concrete curb.

  2. Concrete mound coated w/ a high quality anti-slip surface.  Our mound is constructed of lighter weight concrete and with our own proprietary design. 

  3. Our own one of a kind portable training mound which comes covered with a turf surface and features elements not found on any other mound anywhere including two interchangeable rubbers (King of the Hill training rubber and a traditional rubber), and our traditional rubber can be altered to work on pick offs.  This one piece mound is much more stable than mounds made in 2 or more sections.  Our wheel design also makes moving it around in the yard or to the garage very easy.  Last, we incorporated PVC ports on the sides so PVC pipe can be attached and used for various drills.  This mounds measures 42" x 96".  



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