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Cages & Courts is a new design/construction service offering affordable, custom designed and built residential backyard sport cages, sport courts, pitching mounds, and more for the Dallas/Fort Worth region. 


Our sport cage designs are ideal for batting practice, golf practice, lacrosse practice, hockey practice, and more.  Our cage designs can include a variety of options for tunnel sizes, netting choices by quality and sport, posts options for permanent vs portability, lighting options, and ground surfaces.  Small backyard?  No problem, call us and we can offer a free estimate and consultation! 


We are also excited to offer custom built pitching mounds like those you see below ranging from portable (w/ built in training features), concrete mounds that will never rot and feature a high grip texture coating, and concrete curb mounds with the same red clay used on high school mounds.  We can also build backyard bullpen areas that comes complete with mound, home plate area, lighting, and backstop. 


Our sport court construction services include basketball and pickleball courts.  All our courts are constructed of concrete, rebar, and striped.  We have a variety of basketball goal options that will suit many budgets.  We can offer lighting options for all our courts too.  (No tennis courts at this time).  We can offer a free estimate and consultation for all sport court installations.  Please note we do not offer rubber coatings or any other whole surface coating applied by roller, squeegee or sprayed on.  Some of these come with a higher end installation costs and maintenance issues later.  We can quote other court surface alternatives like snap together tiles that come from different manufacturers, variety of colors, and low maintenance.  

Finally, we can offer installation services too for those who want to purchase a pre-packaged sports cage (net, poles) from a manufacturer and just need a crew to install it.  We can provide this service for the majority of the North Texas area with plans to expand this service in other regions of the state.


Take a look below for photos and pricing.  



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Sport Courts: 

Call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and consultation.  All our sport courts for basketball and pickleball are priced competitively.  Once we inspect your backyard and discuss details for your sport court parameters and options, we can create a free quote.   

Sport Cages

Call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and consultation.  We can offer a very basic tunnel option as well as large sport cages with multiple features.  Once we inspect your backyard and discuss details for your sport cage parameters and options, we can create a free quote.  If you prefer to buy a batting cage kit (poles, net, hardware) direct from a manufacture and just need installation, please contact us for a free quote.  Our basic installs on complete kits sold by manufacturers start at $500 (labor only for a portable small to medium cage set up) and go up from there.  Kits which are permanently installed with inground poles require on-site inspection before furnishing a quote.  Currently, we can only offer installs on any of these kits in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.  

Portable Pitching Mound: 

Our portable mound is built with high construction quality and designed for all ages ranging from youth players to high school age players.  Our mound is non-folding for more stability on natural surfaces and measures 40" wide x 96" long.  Its made of a 2" x 8" frame, ripped to slope, 7/16" OSB deck, cross framed with 2"x lumber, and can feature marine grade carpet or outdoor turf.  Due to turf supplier availability, color options may be limited.  The rubber is not regulation size because our portable mound is made so that the rubber can be removed and turned for working on pickoffs.  This is a feature found nowhere else.  We also add PVC ports on the sides for incorporating removable PVC pipe during training sessions.  Another feature found nowhere else.  Our portable mound comes with 2 wheels and a handle and designed for easy moving by simply lifting the front end and pulling.  We can also add striping and a King of the Hill trainer at extra costs.   Our basic portable mound with marine carpet or turf, removable rubber, PVC ports (PVC pipe not included) start at $900.  These are currently only sold in the DFW area.  For delivery in the DFW area - add $60.   For white striping - add $40.  For a King of the Hill trainer - at market price through supplier plus another $80 for us to install it to work in our mound.  

Concrete Mound with High Grip Coating:

Our concrete mound is built with a proprietary form.  These are built using lightweight concrete, rebar reinforcement, and have a broom brushed finished.  After 30 days, we coat it with a high grip epoxy material (various color options) that adds more texture/grip.  Our concrete mound measures 41" wide x 96" long and it includes a 24" x 6" rubber.  These are built on site and take a minimum of 3 days to build.  Our basic concrete mound with high grip epoxy starts at $2200.  For white striping - add $40.  These are only installed in the DFW area currently. 

Concrete Curb and Clay Mound:

Our concrete curb mounds are built with concrete, rebar reinforcement, and trowel finished.  These mounds feature landscape fabric, paver subbase, and the same mound clay like what is used on high school fields (Diamond Pro is the brand we use).  Our concrete curb with clay mounds measure 52" wide (outer perimeter) x 96" long.  The rubber is 24" x 6".  These are built on site and take a minimum of 3 days to build.  However, these require some watering and repacking before using which is an additional day.  Our concrete curb and clay mound are $2500 installed.  For a weighted mound tarp - add $350.  

Wall Ball Target:

Our portable wall ball target is made of 4" x 4" base framing, 2" x 4" wall construction, 3/4 plywood floor, 7/16" OSB backing, galvanized post lateral bracing, and black vinyl mat.  The wall target is removable too and can be modified for additional training needs. These are designed for indoor use only and start at $650.  Outdoor wall ball targets can be built with inground 4" x 4" posts in concrete and a 2" x 6" wall target with those starting at $950 for a 4' wide wall.  

To schedule an appointment, please email  

Trent Massey is the owner of Trent Massey Construction at  He and his wife, Heather, have been married for 26 years.  They have raised 3 kids who were active in sports, band, and more.  Trent was a youth volunteer baseball and basketball coach for many years.  He was a head coach for youth baseball for 20 seasons and his coaching experience ranged from recreational to select baseball.  His coaching experience eventually led him to forming and general managing an independent baseball team (majors).  His youngest son has played sports since age 5 and now in high school continues to be involved in baseball, football, and track.  During these years, Trent saw how important it was to provide his players with the proper guidance and encouragement to keep playing.  For parents, his advice was to keep their kids involved in as many sports as possible, have fun, keep improving, and most of all - don't let them quit.  No coach has a crystal ball to know which kid will turn out to be a great player later in life.  Trent's other advice to parents is provide an opportunity for their kid to practice at home because team practice is never going to be enough. Trent always had a desire to combine his two interests of construction and sports into one business, therefore, Cages & Courts was born.   

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